Your Voice Matters

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Fellow Friendswoodians,

On January 22, 2018 I filed to have my name placed on the ballot as a candidate for Mayor of Friendswood in the 2018 General Election. My decision to take this action was not made in haste, but rather after careful deliberation and many discussions with family, friends and many of those who graciously and cheerfully supported me in last year’s election. I also turned to prayer, always seeking guidance and asking for wisdom, strength and courage in making important decisions. I do not take lightly the office which I seek, as I know the impact of the decisions we make in government will directly have bearing on the destiny of our community and fate of our people.

It humbles me to be given the privilege and honor of being able to run for Mayor of Friendswood, our Hometown. When I am elected to serve my fellow Friendswoodians, I am committed to hearing the voice of our citizens. In my announcement before the City Council stating my intentions to run for the Mayor’s position, I referred to the City Charter Preamble which moved me deeply because it so simply but eloquently defines all our responsibilities as citizens of Friendswood. It states, “Good Government can only be defined as that which is wholly and justly participated in by the people who are under its jurisdiction.”  In all my endeavors I have sought to live by the creed of Servant Leadership, and as Mayor I will hold myself accountable to be a Servant Leader for our Hometown and its people.

The past year has presented us all with challenges, but none so devastating as what we experienced as a result of hurricane Harvey. Again, the people of Friendswood rose up and showed the true heart of our community by rallying to the aid of our fellow Friendswoodians with boat rescues, opening your homes to anyone in need, making and delivering meals, manning relief centers, gutting houses and preparing for the rebuilding. After spending 45 straight days running the Disaster Recovery Center at 209 S. Friendswood Drive, I was overwhelmed with love and pride for our community as we all came together in the face of such great need, seeing there were no strangers here. We were all friends simply by nature of being Friendswoodians. What I experienced was evidence of the foundation of our Hometown; we have not forgotten our faith in the Almighty to raise us up to keep Friendswood Strong. There are still many challenges ahead of us to recover from this devastation and it will take strong leadership to meet these challenges. I seek the opportunity to help my community achieve our goals.

You have heard me in the past say “Your Voice Matters.” It always has and it always will. City government should be by the people and for the people.  As your Mayor, I will be listening very carefully to what you have to say. Before I render any vote which may have major consequences for our people, I will take into consideration your voice. We may not always agree, but we will all have a voice and before I cast any decision you will know the reasoning behind it with open and respectful dialogue. We cannot have ambiguity under the cover of dark and myopic decision making. No surprises! Just open, honest, transparent citizen government.

This year there will be several critical issues facing us. It will take strong leadership and a desire to serve the community in a fair and open manner. I believe I have the skill set, experience, and heart to lead this city as it grows and moves forward into the 21st century. I respectfully ask that you support me at the poll and cast your vote for me to be your next Mayor.

Let’s work together to Keep Friendswood Strong!

Thank you for this opportunity and May God Bless.


Servant Leadership Working for you

  • Bring the voice of the people to the city council
  • Assure good stewardship of your tax dollars
  • Enhance quality of life for all residents through improved city provided services
  • Maintain Friendswood’s hometown atmosphere

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