Stronger Drainage

This past weekend we experienced another stormy deluge in our community with two and a half inches of rain falling in less than twenty-four hours. What was most alarming about this was how we saw our creeks rise out of their banks and several of our roads flood. It seems many of my friends and neighbors are noticing, like I am, that it seems the streets flood and the creeks rise more quickly than they did before Harvey. I am sure there are many factors involved including increased general concern, ground saturation, and creek beds still filled with debris from Harvey, among other complex contributing factors.

As a concerned resident, today I attended the scheduled Clear Creek Watershed Steering Committee meeting, hoping I would learn of plans and actions being taken to help relieve Friendswood of concern over future flooding issues. I regret to tell you I left that meeting with few answers and persisting concern. The Corp of Engineers made their presentation discussing sources and processes of funding, but as of yet, there are no specific plans or timelines. When questions were asked specifically related to Friendswood, we were told to contact our U.S. House Representative and our U.S. Senators in Washington DC and express our concerns to them about our community.

As Mayor of Friendswood, this issue would be a priority for me. Our residents are still hurting from Harvey, many still facing daily uncertainty of where they will live, and some wondering how, when and even if they will be able to move back into their devastated homes they have lived in for years, homes they love. Just drive down streets like Fairdale today and see rows and rows of RVs, where people are still living in their driveways, working during the day and then working to reconstruct at night. Drive through Forest Bend, and experience the ghost town of homes still uninhabitable. These are not just houses, they are your Homes. If the answers come from DC, as I was told today, then that is where we need to make direct, persistent, assertive contact and apply pressure to achieve relief. As your Mayor, I would roll up my sleeves and get right to work. I worked to resolve the issues in my subdivision of Creekwood, achieving a favorable outcome with lots of hard work and smart negotiations. I would work tirelessly together with the entire community in the same way to get the same results and Make Friendswood Stronger.