Stronger Business

Friendswood Strong…..Strong Businesses

I believe in cultivating an environment within the city that is pro-business. I strongly support our current local businesses, including small businesses, and would enthusiastically encourage more entrepreneurs to come to Friendswood and enhance our community with greater opportunities for our citizens to shop, dine and conduct their business locally.

As your Mayor I will work to bring city government and business together in a collaborative effort to not only establish a solid and sustainable business approach for our current businesses but to also make it attractive for new businesses to come to our community. I will work tirelessly with businesses, listen to their ideas and provide recommendations to help them reach their goals. When elected Mayor, I will continue to support this position. With many years experience as a highly successful project manager, proven negotiating skills and reputation for honesty and integrity, I believe I am qualified to lead Friendswood’s growth into the 21st century. I do believe, however; there are items that need to be considered when making decisions on whether to approve a specific new business’ request for permitting.

As an elected official and representative of all the citizens of our town I certainly understand the obligation of working within the parameters of our city ordinances and zoning requirements. Bringing business together with the citizens to find solutions to the issues which will result in a win-win for all will be a priority of mine to assure our community and businesses flourish together. Imposing zoning changes on existing residents or being overly restrictive on new and existing businesses is not a practice that should be in our future. The first consideration should be zoning: does it meet the current zoning requirements as well as our city ordinances? If a zoning variance is requested, then the impact to the surrounding area needs to be considered and all those potentially impacted should have a voice.

Through effective communication, smart planning and analysis, as well as collaboration we can achieve our goals. Traffic impact analysis should be one of the first considerations. As we all know there is a growing traffic flow issue through Friendswood, emanating not only from within the community but more significantly from the surrounding communities. I believe in situations where there is a potential that a new business would further exacerbate a traffic problem, there should be open discussions with all involved parties on bringing resolution to the issue and perhaps considering alternative locations or solutions. This is an issue that deserves thoughtful consideration before making a final decision and it needs to be fair to all concerned parties. I will explore every possible avenue to best serve both businesses that will build our tax base as well as residents who enjoy the beauty and ease of living here.

The right business should be in the right location. I want each business in Friendswood, new or existing, to flourish and provide quality services to our citizens.

These are my thoughts and I would welcome your response and discussion. I want to be your voice on the City Council and look forward to spending time hearing each of your concerns, allowing me to best represent your needs and interests to Make Friendswood Stronger.