Making Friendswood Stronger… Stronger Business Experience

As we are nearing the home stretch in this city council race, I look back at the year Friendswood has had. We have faced the costliest natural disaster in the city’s history and eight months later are still dealing with the fallout, as we will be for years to come. After the storm, I spent a week helping neighbors and strangers-turned-friends muck out their homes before running the Disaster Relief Center at 209 South Friendswood Drive for 45 consecutive days. Those days were filled with hard work, very long hours and a steady stream of heartbroken people in desperate circumstances. This despair strengthened my resolve to not just give my prayers for the city (which I do every day), but to also do something about it, and I took decisive action to run for Mayor because I feel my business experience is an asset for city management.

I have heard many times in this race that experience counts, experience matters, and experience should help guide your decision. I wholeheartedly agree. You have a choice to make in this race. My opponent has experience as an astronaut, which I admire and respect tremendously. He has served his country proudly and boldly and should be applauded as an American hero for his efforts, as well as his generous volunteer spirit here in the community. While his experiences in space are nothing short of impressive and awe-inspiring, creek flooding is not a significant concern in space. Flooding and drainage should be the city’s number one priority. I have 46 years of experience (40 years with the same company) in the engineering and construction industry, managing multi-million to multi-billion-dollar projects. These projects took me all over the world and included road construction, drainage mitigation and implementation, nuclear power plants, home building, community development planning, and home building, among others. I know these issues. I know how to bring together necessary stakeholders from the public sector, the private industry, and the community to collaborate and negotiate successful solutions for all stakeholders. I have worked with government entities at all levels to secure the necessary permits, approvals, and processes necessary to move forward with mass-scale projects.

I retired as group Vice President over more than 450 employees, managing them effectively to contribute to one of the most successful and profitable engineering and construction firms in the world. I have a reputation as “The Fixer” because I only know how to do projects one way…on time and on budget. When a project was struggling or failing, the company would call me in, and I would roll up my sleeves and get to work. This is the reason I was called to so many projects all over the world, because they could count on me to get the job done. I will bring that executive business mindset to the city.

But I also want you to know that I chose Friendswood as my Hometown. I have been to Australia, Scotland, the U.K., Romania, the Middle East and many other countries. Nationally I have lived in New Jersey, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Illinois and several other states. I could have chosen anywhere to retire, but I chose Friendswood because of its core values: Faith, Family, and Education. I chose it because of its small Hometown feel. I want to live in a restful oasis with all the amenities of a big city close by. I love Friendswood and I respect its love of tradition and heritage. I believe my experience makes me perfectly suited to lead Friendswood faithfully, honoring its past, stewarding its present and protecting its future forward into the 21st century as a strong servant leader. I am fortunate to have retired, giving me adequate time to devote myself to serving the city. I believe I am the candidate with the right experience to Make Friendswood Stronger.

God Bless,