Stronger Communities

Friendswood. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? A community where neighbors are friends. Friendswood is a place where neighbors are helping neighbors with caring hearts, a community where you are not alone and in time of disaster we draw even closer to each other. In Friendswood you will find a helping hand, a kind word and a warm embrace to comfort those in need and yes, most importantly, prayer.

What I have experienced since moving to Friendswood is a community that is like family, a community of families coming together to make one larger Friendswood family: A community where we focus on our Faith, Family and Education, exactly what our Founders would have dreamed for us. The heart and soul of Friendswood is not found in a specific location but rather the feeling of community in our families, our churches, our schools, and our hometown businesses.

Our community is a safe community which provides the ideal climate necessary for us to thrive; to feel safe in our homes, on our streets, and at our meeting places; growing our community of faith in our churches and educating and nurturing the brightest minds in our schools. We need to preserve this culture of safety for our future generations.

You might ask how a community like Friendswood comes to possess these attributes which reflect the wholesomeness most communities can only dream to have. It starts with treating each other with dignity and respect, having a vision of what can be, learning from today’s experiences and planning for tomorrow’s opportunities together.

All our daily community interactions should be accomplished with integrity. We should trust each other and keep our word as our bond, fulfilling our obligations to each other willingly, without hesitation and with a friendly smile.

Our community is built on the various talents and creative abilities of our residents. We are all different by design and we all bring value to the whole. We recognize and appreciate this diversity and employ it on those efforts which enhance our community. Decisions made should be in the best interest of all the community, in a collaborative manner, always striving to improve the quality of life we have here.

We are truly blessed in so many ways to live in our bedroom community and we should continue to give thanks that we have a place like Friendswood to call “Our Hometown.”

Under the strong servant leadership I intend to bring to the Mayor’s position, I will work tirelessly and cheerfully every day to Make Friendswood Stronger.

These are my thoughts and I would welcome your response and discussion. I want to be your voice on the City Council and look forward to spending time hearing each of your concerns, allowing me to best represent your needs and interests in the city.

God Bless,