Making Friendswood Stronger… Stronger Leadership

I would like to tell you a few things that you may not know yet about my former boss and my friend Omar C. Peck Jr.

Omar and I worked closely together at a large engineering and construction company in Houston for seven years before he decided to slow things down a bit and “retire” from the industry and the company where he built and spent most of his 45+ year career. Omar became my boss after he hired me in 2007 and I often reflect on those years because they were filled with great challenges, proud accomplishments, meaningful victories and a normal small handful of meaningless defeats. Omar was a Vice President and the Functional Leader of our project controls department that at one time peaked at about 450 staff professionals in various offices and project job sites scattered across the globe.

Omar has a track record of getting things done and his many years of domestic and international industry experience and knowledge coupled with his natural leadership strengths positioned him well to thrive in this position while building, organizing and leading a large and very impactful organization. Omar is a visionary that knows how to bring people together to accomplish great things and that’s exactly what I’ve seen him very effectively do. Under Omar’s leadership, our department staff and others we worked closely with became a close knit family of colleagues that were smartly aligned with our departmental charter. Our department charter was about providing the high level services to the project management teams that we supported. Together we developed, managed, directed and provided needed leadership throughout all levels of our organization.

In very short order I came to know Omar as a compassionate and charismatic leader and a good judge of character. Like great leaders do, Omar often leveraged people strengths, knowledge and experience to achieve great things and yield desired results. I also have known Omar to be extremely selfless and humble. Omar has never been one to beat on his chest or do things for attention, recognition or praise. Omar stands up for what is right and fair and has always been quick to admit it if he is wrong.

Another key thing that I have come to know and admire about Omar is his reverence for and strong sense of commitment to family. On many occasions Omar and I have talked about the 3 most important things in life. He calls them the 3 F’s which stand for Faith, Family and Friends and I agree with Omar, who believes that this is their proper order of importance. Maybe you’ve heard him talk about this too. As a mentor and a friend, Omar has always been willing to give me advice when I’ve asked for it and even sometimes when I haven’t. He is patient, a good listener and has always had a good sense of humor. I will always be grateful for and cherish the years that I worked with Omar and will forever consider him a great boss, knowledgeable colleague, experienced mentor, fearless leader and above all a true friend.

Oscar Rodriguez
Katy, Texas