Stronger Priorities

One of my highest priorities will be to work with county, state, and federal entities to develop and implement a drainage program that will help mitigate the impact of future flooding disasters. During Hurricane Harvey, one-third of Friendswood homes flooded and many residents are still displaced, unsure of the future. I think more can be done to advocate for the Clear Creek drainage project and I would work tirelessly to advocate for federal funding and any other resources we can get to help protect Friendswood from future flooding damages. After working 45 consecutive days in the Relief Center following the storm, I saw firsthand the impacts on Friendswood families. I will continue to work to assist them in recovery with whatever means and resources I can access. I think more work can be done to strategically plan for the future.

Another priority is determining the future of EMS services for the city. We need to be proactive in determining strategies to ensure quality medical services are readily accessible for our citizens in a fiscally responsible way. My goal would be to facilitate a resolution of a community solution.

Friendswood is facing a critical juncture in its history as we near 50,000 in population and approach build-out. It is essential to be thoughtful and intentional as we construct long-term planning for the city. As a former Vice President of a large company with 40 years of a track record of success in project management for construction and engineering, I feel I am uniquely suited to take a leadership role in taking an active role to shape the future of the city. We need to work towards a goal of a cohesive city design with particular attention to the impacts of traffic mitigation and building stronger roads to maintain a Hometown feel while increasing and enhancing traffic capacity. As a businessman, I intend to work to find ways to bring the right businesses to the right locations in Friendswood, enhancing our tax revenue and working to make taxes low for residents while enjoying community amenities.

The most important thing I wish to accomplish is to be true and authentic representation of Friendswood residents, sincerely listening and being their voice on the Council. I believe in servant leadership, seeking to meet the needs of the greater community.