Stronger Schools

As a Christmas gift, my daughter-in-law found for me a first edition of this rare book: The Promised Land, A Narrative Featuring the Life History and Adventures of Frank J. Brown, Pioneer, Buffalo Hunter, Indian Fighter, and Founder of the Quaker Settlement of Friendswood, written by Mr. Brown’s daughter, Edith McGinnis. It has been a very intriguing read.

The Founding Fathers of our community understood when they came to the Promised Land that Faith, Family, and Education should be our core values.

Faith– they knew every good and perfect gift comes from the Father (James 1:17), including the blessing of a new community in a beautiful new land.

Family– they knew strong families would build a strong community.

Education-, they knew by educating our children they would have a strong foundation to make the best decisions based on sound knowledge, enabling them to continue to help our community to grow.

This is a legacy that still rings so true today in Friendswood. Wouldn’t Frank Brown be amazed to see our community, and especially our schools?

Our educational system is one of the finest in the nation, and that did not just happen by chance. It was through arduous work and dedication of those entrusted with the education our children and the continuing steadfast and overwhelming support of the community.

For this outstanding education program to continue to flourish we must maximize all the resources of the Clear Creek Independent School District, the Friendswood Independent School District and the City of Friendswood, working together as partners to assure we are providing a safe environment for our faculty and students. We must seek out the best available experts to help us in this endeavor. Our students will continue to excel knowing they are safe in their community and the faculty will continue to provide their very best knowing they too are safe. We owe them nothing less.

As parents, grandparents and great- grandparents it is also incumbent on us to provide wisdom gathered from our life experiences. Together as families in the community, with our schools we will Make Friendswood Stronger.

As Mayor of Friendswood this is a challenge I will eagerly accept. Our education system will have 100% of my support.

These are my thoughts and I would welcome your response and discussion. I want to be Your Voice on the City Council and look forward to spending time hearing each of your concerns, allowing me to best represent your needs and interests in the city.

God Bless,