Eric Anderson
Julie Anderson
Misty Anderson
Robert and Glenda Arnett
Teresa Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bedar
Brenda Boyd
Danny and Amy Brooks
Matt and Autumn Brown
Delores Bryan
Ginger Buckaloo
Debra Burney
The Calvo Family
John and Becky Canales
Tom Cassity
Jaime Chisolm
Mr. and Mrs. Cianciolo and Family
Chris and Carrie Clarke
Phillipe and April Clement
Kalum and Rebecca Cornett
Florean Craig
Cameron and Katy Crouch
John and Andrea Davidson
Kenneth and Leah Direkly
Tommy, Debbie Dowdy
Lynette Esquivel
Ed and Janet Feith
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Felts
Mark and Ruth Foster
Josh and Amy Fritts
Tom and Ami Gates
Brad and Jackie Gibson
Michael and Shelley Goolsby
Scott and Mary Kay Guidry
Kim Halata
Dave and Holly Hamilton
Leola Hancock
Teri Hawkins
David and Janie Henry
Michelle Hicks
Gregory & Jennifer Hoff
Caleb Human
Mark and Pam Joffrion
Bobbi Jones
Ken and Lisa Knape
David Lane
Andrew and Katie Larson
Mark and Susan Lowery
Dennis Lyles
Christine Mangle-Smith
Brian and Christie McDonald
Ed and Roslyn Miller
Doug and Cheryl Mills
Loretta Murphy

Floyd and Gail Myers
Steven and Heather Newstead
Marcy Norwood
Joe and Rene’ Nowalk
Stacy & James Parsons
Bruce and Jacki Pavelka
Joyce Pavelka
Dawn Peck
Lisa Peck
Shane and Jessica Peck
Sharon Peck
Rick and Angie Pitman
Tracine Poti
Melanie Reyes
Linda Richard
Adam and Rachel Richards
Carl and Di Ritzberger
Sue and Marcus Rives
Denise Rossi
Rachel Rowlands
Richard and Tammy Rowlands
Dwane and Angela Ruiz
Mark Russell
Mark & Jennifer Ryberg
Greg and Kelli Rye
Duan Samonski
Elenora Shuman
John and Melissa Smith
Ritchie Spurger
Larry and Cynthia Stewart
Phyllis Stewart
Jeff and Judy Strickland
Sharon Tait
Lauran Tawater
Amber Thomas
Evelyn Timmins
Rudy and Barbara Trahan
Marilyn Turner
Heather Vail
Charles and Roxanne Vaughn
Santos Venegas
Brad and Lori Warren
Rhonda Whatley
Jeff & Rebekah White
Koyt Wilcox
Georgia Young

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