What Can Be Done About Drainage?

Recently, Friendswood resident Katie asked me about what can be done about drainage issues the city is facing and I wanted to share my answer with you. This is definitely at the top of my priority list for a Mayoral agenda. We are now seven months post-Harvey and the work has only just begun. After spending 45 consecutive days running the Disaster Relief Center last fall, I saw firsthand the complete heartbreak and utter devastation etched on the faces of my neighbors. Harvey has begun to fade from memory for some of those who were unaffected, but let me assure you, it is still very real to many of our fellow Friendswoodians, facing continued displacement, debris removal challenges, rebuilding uncertainties related to unknowns from FEMA relative to Base Flood Elevation, among other challenges. Some have lost hope in finding a way forward. I will give my very best, undaunted and persistent efforts to seek the best possible solutions for our community in a timely way. Friendswood is Our Hometown, and I will work to Make Friendswood Stronger.