What should be the top priorities of a Friendswood City Council Mayor?

  • To be an authentic voice of all the residents of the city. To listen attentively and respectfully to their concerns and visions for their community and bring that to the Council when making decisions.
  • To be a good steward of the tax payer dollars and to assure that the quality services provided by the City continue as we grow.
  • To assure that business growth supports the revenue needs of the city and that there is a sensible balance between business and residential.
  • To ensure the City and school districts work hand in hand to meet the educational needs of our community.
  • To preserve the Hometown atmosphere and core values that define our city and make it the desired place to live that it is.

While I have not served in public office prior to this campaign, I believe I have the knowledge, business acumen and servant leadership background to serve the people of Friendswood. During my career I have worked with many government agencies both at the local and federal levels. I understand the inter-workings of dealing with these entities. I am the President of our HOA and over the last three years have had many opportunities to work with the City of Friendswood in many capacities.The paramount reason I am running for a council position is because this is my home, which I have come to know and love. I believe it is incumbent on all of us to serve our community in some capacity. I want to represent and serve all the people, every citizen of Friendswood. My family has three generations living here. Running for council is my way of being able to “pay it forward” to the next generations in gratitude for the privilege and honor of living in this great place. I believe my business and community service experience have equipped me to serve the people well.

As a City Council member, I want to assure that we maintain our focus on preserving our “Hometown” atmosphere while strategically positioning ourselves for inevitable growth from not only within but from the surrounding areas that appear to be growing at a fairly rapid pace; and that the decisions made by the Council reflect the vision and needs of the people. I have no business dealings or financial investments to cultivate in Friendswood, allowing me to make free and independent decisions on behalf of the citizens, without the influence of special interests or having to recuse myself from Council decisions.